Santa Claus is Coming!

Hello from the North Pole!

What a crazy year this has been for all of us. We have been super busy trying to get the toys made. Mrs. Claus and I feel it is more important than ever for Christmas to be a time of joy and happiness for everyone.

We have not been able to enjoy our normal travels to check out those who have been on the naughty list in the past but we still have our ways of checking that list. Staying at home has helped many children move over to the nice list.

Mrs. Claus has been using the internet (yes, we have computers up here) to find some new cookie recipes. I have really enjoyed tasting all of her experiments- most of then turned out well just don’t mention the one oatmeal cookie recipe that she burned….

Well, I have to get back to toy shop and check on the progress.


Santa’s trying a new form of transportation and brought Mrs. Claus along for the ride.

Posted by Celebration Aviation, Inc. on Thursday, September 10, 2015

 Video of Santa Trying out New Transportation Options

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